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Our community represents a positive space where individuals are working toward the best version of themselves! If you don’t feel some excitement for your contribution to the world, it’s time to dig deep and find another path.

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Muse Maven
[myooz] [mey-vuh n]

(noun) An individual who is an inspirational expert which elevates others. One who chooses to live their life, without restraint, of their own free spirit;



We will interact with one another (a lot) – If you want to be part of those groups where people post and then there’s no interaction – this is not the group for you!  This is not a one person group, this is a community of like minded individuals who want to support, share, inspire, give feedback, and celebrate your aspirations of creating your own brand of freedom! So let’s do this together!



~ This group is spam-free! We’ll have a designated promo day #FeaturedFridaywhere you can share your business offerings, products, services, and programs.

~ Every day you’re going to get the best Muse Maven support to guide and give you real-time attention, this will give you that extra boost that can propel you through to the next level.

Check out the outline we use in our community:

Mondays: #MusicMonday – All about sharing your motivational music that helps you start your week off right!

Tuesday: #TechTuesday – Tech Tuesday keeps you on the cutting edge of the tech revolution with a weekly exploration of how technology is changing our lives.

Wednesday: #WordsofWisdomWednesday – Share your best advice or quotes to keep everyone motivated for the remainder of the week.

Thursday: #ThankfulThursday – Today is about making your default gratitude!

Friday: #FeaturedFriday – Shamelessly promote who you are, what you do & what you sell. You can also put others in the spotlight if your feeling generous!

Saturday: #SocialSaturday – Connect more deeply with our community by seeing them on other social channels.

Sunday: #SelfCareSunday – Self Care Sunday helps us stay in the game for the long-haul. Your business cannot be all hustle – it HAS to include things that fill up your gas tank for the next leg of the drive.


This is an interactive community, made for communication, connections and support. So for your pleasure, we change it up every day!

What people are saying about the community
In the short time I have been part of Angie Grimes – Muse Maven Mastermind; she truly has set up one of the best online community environments that I am proud to be part of. The Muse Maven Mastermind is a safe haven for like minded people that can share knowledge, inspire and motivate one another; free from spamming links while creating a family oriented community. Thanks Angie for what you have created and your serving others first attitude is a breath of fresh air.
Don Robinson

A warm and welcoming Facebook community.  You’ll get lots of helpful tips for your business and a supportive audience to share business highs and lows with.
Kelly O'Donnell

Kelly O'Donnell Copywriter


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