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I’ve been running and writing content for this website since early 2016. I spend anywhere from 5 to 10 hours a day working to make my vision a reality: to write, create, and share everything you see here.

But my work isn’t just about writing healing, inspiring, and soul-centered content to help you grow, it also requires a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff that you probably don’t know about.

Between marketing, server maintenance, programming, responding to comments and emails, taking photos, managing facebook groups, creating social media images, keeping our security up-to-date, carrying out technical support, keeping abreast psychological and scientific research, editing, working on new content, fixing bugs and errors, optimizing, and loads of other techy things … running Angie Grimes can be emotionally, psychologically, and financially exhausting.

Each month I spend hundreds of dollars on things such as this websites:
– Domain Names
– Email provider
– Security
– Delivery networks
– Website custom features
– Social media schedules
– Design tools and services
– Optimization programs
– Hosting (servers and cloud space)

Easily I spend up to $12,000 annually on every resource needed to sustain and uphold this website so you can enjoy the content and resources I write for free.

#MuseMaven is my passion and my gift to the world. With your support, I can continue running this website and spreading the encouraging words of self-love, knowledge, and hope all through the world for years to come.

If you have found any comfort, solace or support in our work, please consider donating to help keep this website running so that I can continue nurturing the conscious connection and evolution of humanity.

With deep gratitude and love,

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